What Did I Get Into?!

Paper journal or laptop? Personal or blurt it out?! I JUST WANT TO WRITE!!!! My life is crazy and busy as it is, as so I think it is. I’m sure there’s other moms with more things on their list of things to do, but when you have a mind like mine, a mind that’s always running, always thinking about my boys, my marriage, my finances, my social relationships, etc. It’s fricken exhausting! I went to too many therapist for my Depression/Bipolar disorder and was told that writing things down was a good way of getting my emotions out and not bottled up. So here we go, lets see how this go! Are you with me peeps? To see things through my eyes and maybe my writing may set some demons free from my past. Maybe my writing might make me learn something new about myself that I’ve never knew. This is My Dysfunctional & Crazy Life.


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