Me, myself, and I

Hello!!! I’m Michelle Hatcher, my family usually calls me Shelly or Shell, people at work calls me Hatch. I was born and raised most of my life on Oahu, Hawaii. I never thought I would leave the island and live somewhere else, but look at me now, residing in the beautiful state of Alaska in a crazy town called Anchorage!

I am married to a wonderful man name Wayne, who has a big heart & passion in helping others. We’ve been married since 2007, but we knew each other through my older sister Alicia since I was 13 years old. He is a father to one daughter and three other boys, and I myself have two boys. Wayne and I added one more boy to the mix, but unfortunately we are only living with my boys. I have Raymond who is a Senior and currently living with my mom in Hawaii, Kekoa (pronounced Kay-ko-wah) a 7th grader, and Tyler a 4th grader. I also have two 4-legged dogs name Puna (Chihuahua/Jack Russell) & Bear (American Bulldog/Pitbull). I took in my 20 y.o. nephew Airen (pronounced I-Ren) that lives with me now. He drives me crazy but I love him like my own. 

I currently work as a Medical Assistant at an OB-Gyn clinic and I love what I do. I’ve been a Medical Assistant since 2010 and started on pursuing a nursing degree but its on hold for now. I enjoy learning new things and value education a lot in my home.

My family is my all,I know that God should be, but this is my downfall and it’s my family. I put all my time and effort in them and for them that a lot of my friends and family can say that I and up not taking care of my self. Family is everything, as I say, we live life with no regrets but with laughter, tears, and love.


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