Frozen Toes for my Son

It’s been awhile since I last posted. Since my last post, my son Tyler has got into the upper hockey tier in his division and it’s been none stop to the hockey rinks! I’ve been blessed to have a full sponsorship to cover for the upper tier program, which is $500 ontop of the regular tuiton. Then I get an awesome email saying Tyler got a $500 scholarship towards regular tuition! Yipee! Those amounts have lifted a great weight off of my shoulders. For a single paycheck household, that’s fricken awesome, especially for hockey!

I’ve been trying to keep my cool during games and let him be. Let him play his game and learn on his own. He’s been doing good, but sometimes I wonder if he’s trying to please the dad a lot. Then when those bad games comes, here comes the fighting and the arguements. I want my son to enjoy the game, not end up hating it because we end up being hard on him all the time. My husband’s the type to build fear in them so they don’t fear others, but I don’t see that as being positive in the end. He comes from a military family so I try to understand but it’s hard to wrap it around my mind.


Pre-Season Jitters!!!!

I’m sitting here at University of Anchorage Alaska, waiting for my son to go on the ice to have Tune-up skate day before hockey try- outs next weekend, and I’m all excited like it’s the start of his hockey season! My mind is all over the place right now. I’m excited I get to watch my son play hockey, I’m excited to see how he’s going to be this season, and I’m also having an anxiety attack about finances, cause we all know hockey is NOT a cheap sport, plus all the traveling during winter time (I really hate driving during winter here in Alaska).

This is going to be my son Tyler’s 5th year playing ice hockey, and i must say, for a bit who grew up knowing nothing about hockey, not even knowing how to skate, he got natural talent. This is why we are spending ridiculously a lot of money for him to play. Last year I ended up getting him a scholarship for more than half of the regitration cost of $1350, but it doesn’t include travel cost, hotel/rooming, food/dinning, and if course new skates or years at least once or twice out of the season. My family does a lot of fundraising or taking donation here in there throughout the year!

This year we got an unexpected phone call late at night from the Program Director saying how he got my email couple months back explaining why Tyler decided not to try-out for the upper division. He just wanted to stick in his regular division. As I spoke with the coach, he explained to me that he felt Tyler would be frustrated in his current division because of how advance he is, so he offering Tyler a $350 scholarship to cover the $500 extra fee for the upper division. I was takened by surprised, and so was Wayne. Of course as parents, to hear that kind of news, you would feel really good about your son, but we’re always giving Tyler the options of what he wants to do in hockey,  never wanting to push him. So, his decision was to go for it. He’s afraid of not making a team and making mistakes during try-outs, but he knows, this is how we learn, by making mistakes, then we get better.

So now we made the decision to go up a division, that means money, money, money, and what a way to start off the budget by getting some store credit from the sport store!!! Tyler grows so fast, and he’s growing taller, not fatter!! So we needed to find him new pants and new shin pads. Last year his ankles were too exposed, causing his opponents to stick him in his ankles! Yup….ouch! But we found some good used items, glad to say!

So now we’re just patiently waiting for the season to start, with anxiety on my mind and excitment on the side. Bring it on hockey season! It’s nice to freeze butt again on the sideline!!

What Did I Get Into?!

Paper journal or laptop? Personal or blurt it out?! I JUST WANT TO WRITE!!!! My life is crazy and busy as it is, as so I think it is. I’m sure there’s other moms with more things on their list of things to do, but when you have a mind like mine, a mind that’s always running, always thinking about my boys, my marriage, my finances, my social relationships, etc. It’s fricken exhausting! I went to too many therapist for my Depression/Bipolar disorder and was told that writing things down was a good way of getting my emotions out and not bottled up. So here we go, lets see how this go! Are you with me peeps? To see things through my eyes and maybe my writing may set some demons free from my past. Maybe my writing might make me learn something new about myself that I’ve never knew. This is My Dysfunctional & Crazy Life.

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