Me, myself, and I

Hey!! My name is Michelle Hatcher! My family usually calls me Shelly or Shell, people at work calls me Hatch. I was born and raised Oahu, Hawaii, mostly in Waipahu. I never thought I would leave the island and live somewhere else, but look at me now, thanks to my husband Wayne, I am now residing in the beautiful state of Alaska in a crazy town called Anchorage!

My Man and I
Taking a selfie while the kids are running around Chuckie Cheese

I’ve been married to Wayne since 02/10/2007, but we knew each other through my older sister Alicia since I was 13 years old. Wayne is such a crazy person but he has such a big heart in helping others in need. He is a father to one daughter and three other boys from previous relationships. I have two boys from a previous relationship as well. Wayne and I added one more boy to the mix, but unfortunately we are only living with my boys. I have Raymond who is a Senior and he’s currently living with my mom in Hawaii, Kekoa (pronounced Kay-ko-wah) a 7th grader, and Tyler a 5th grader. I also have two 4-legged dogs name Puna (Chihuahua/Jack Russell) & Bear (American Bulldog/Pitbull), both males. I took in my 20 y.o. nephew Airen (pronounced I-Ren) that lives with me now. He drives me crazy but I love him like my own. So that makes me the only female in the house. Yes, all those testosterones drives me CRAZAY most times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!



I currently work as a Medical Assistant at an OB-Gyn clinic and I love what I do. I’ve been a Medical Assistant since 2010 and started on pursuing a nursing degree but its on hold for now. I enjoy learning new things and value education a lot in my home.


My family is everything to me. I put all my time and effort in them and for them, that a lot of my friends and family would say that I end up not taking care of my self. I’m learning, as my boys grow older, as I grow older, we learn and make mistakes. We either go forward or go backwards. For our family, we never back down, we never give up, we always keep fighting the fight. Family is everything, as I say, we live life with no regrets but with laughter, tears, and love.